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Mother, 13, calls for sex education
Anne Marie and her baby boy
Anne Marie was pregnant when she had sex education lessons
A 13-year-old girl who has become one of the country's youngest mothers has called for compulsory sex education in primary schools.

The Derbyshire teenager, known as Anne Marie, says sex lessons came too late for her.

She delivered an eight-pound boy at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre in September, after becoming pregnant to a 13-year-old boy.

Already pregnant

"I went through all the options to decide whether to keep him or not - and I thought if I got rid of him I would regret it later in life," she said.

Her mother told Anne Marie that the decision was up to her - but that she would receive her full support.

The Derbyshire family have had support from Anne Marie's school, the health service and from friends.

baby boy
I thought she would be a lot more sensible than that - I didn't even know that she had a boyfriend
Anne Marie's mother

But the family says sex education in schools is behind the times - and should start earlier.

"I think it should have been a bit earlier than it was - because I was pregnant when I had sex education," Anne Marie said.

Liberal Democrats voted in favour of compulsory sex education for children as young as seven at their annual conference in Brighton in late September.

Critics of the call said compulsion was wrong and parents should be trusted to decide for themselves whether their child should go to sex education lessons.

Anne Marie's mother said: "I thought she would be a lot more sensible than that - I didn't even know that she had a boyfriend."

Anne Marie has returned to school and says she is determined to do well.

Her mother, who is 36, has decided to look after the baby boy while her daughter is at school.

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