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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 September, 2003, 08:25 GMT 09:25 UK
Safety website gets speed limit wrong
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The website's speed limits were 10 miles and hour out
A motorists' campaign group has criticised a Derbyshire police website after it published the wrong speed limits.

Derbyshire Speed Camera Partnership's website, which went live on Wednesday, publishes the location of all speed cameras on Derbyshire's roads.

The partnership, including councils and Derbyshire police, campaigns for road safety and tries to persuade motorists to slow down.

But within the website, a section highlighting the legal speed limits for different vehicles has proved inaccurate.

Too high

Mark McArthur-Christie from the Association of British Drivers said: "You would expect a speed camera partnership to get the speed limit right.

"What they have done is messed up the goods vehicle section, which is the biggest trucks."

"What they have said is that goods vehicles over seven and a half tonnes can travel at 50 miles per hour on single carriageways and 60 on dual carriageways.

"In reality the limit is 40, ten miles and hour slower, and 50 miles an hour on dual carriageways."

Speed factor

He also criticised the site's claims that speed is a major cause of roads accidents and that a reduction of 1 mile an hour would cut accidents by 5%.

Mark Knight from the partnership acknowledged the mistake and says it will be rectified.

He said: "That was a personal error and nothing to do with the partnership.

He added: "We are not saying speed is the whole problem but it is a factor in just about all accidents. Have you ever seen a collision between two stationary cars?"

Police withdraw speed fines
16 May 03  |  Derbyshire

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