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Last Updated: Monday, 7 July, 2003, 12:23 GMT 13:23 UK
Pupils to stage 'Potter' ballet
Harrry Potter ballet
Alice Silver plays Harry Potter in the ballet
A Harry Potter story is being turned into a ballet - after a teacher won the backing of movie giants Warner Brothers.

Dance tutor Stephanie Parrott, from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, was given the exclusive rights to adapt Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets into a ballet production.

Dancers from Derbyshire and Staffordshire are taking part in the worldwide premier of the production in Repton, Derbyshire.

Ms Parrott had to get permission from Warner Brothers in the United States and the book's author JK Rowling to adapt the story.

She said: "The music is beautifully composed by John Williams and the fast movements in the Quidditch scenes and the elf-like movement of Dobby - we just went from there.

Cheeky elf

"I went to watch the Chamber of Secrets film and in one scene Harry's rival Draco says: 'So you are training for the ballet, Potter?' and I thought - I can do a ballet."

Ellen Crawford, eight, from Burton, who has won a place at the junior section of the Royal Ballet in Birmingham, plays the elf Dobby.

"I feel really cheeky and Dobby is a really good part to play," she said.

Dobby on stage
No one else will be able to do anything like this again until 2006
Stephanie Parrott
Ballet choreographer

Alice Silver, 13, who plays Harry Potter, says: "We are doing some of the main scenes from the book and it is really exciting."

The production has been choreographed with a cast of 170 children aged from three to 16 years old.

"It is not like your normal ballet, it is much more fun," one dancer said.

Ms Parrott says she hopes people who would not otherwise go to the ballet will realise how much fun it can be after seeing the performance.

"It is such a popular story that I hope it will inspire a lot more children to start taking ballet lessons," she said.

"No one else will be able to do anything like this again until 2006," she said.

"All the hard work to get permission from Warner Brothers has paid off."

The ballet will be performed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Repton 400 Theatre in Repton, Derbyshire from 1900 BST.

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