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Last Updated: Friday, 16 May, 2003, 18:47 GMT 19:47 UK
Police withdraw speed fines
30 sign
A 30mph restriction was in place
Derbyshire Police have withdrawn 810 speeding fines because of confusion over signage.

The fines were issued to drivers breaking a temporary speed limit through roadworks on the A5111 Raynesway, in Derby.

Many had been observing the usual 50mph speed limit on the route and said they were unaware that a 30mph restriction had been put in place.

Derbyshire Safety Camera Partnership - a body made up of police, local councils and the Highways Authority - said signs were put up and fixed penalty notices were being issued.

But Derbyshire Chief Constable David Coleman said on Friday the fines would be scrapped because of the confusion.

I am taking the very unusual step of withdrawing the fixed penalty notices
Chief Constable David Coleman

He said: "In the interest of fairness and natural justice I accept that some confusion has been caused by the road signs.

"I am taking the very unusual step of withdrawing the fixed penalty notices issued during the specific enforcement period between 28 April and 6 May."

Work was being done to make sure that temporary speed limit signs on the route were displayed more prominently, he said.

"I want to make it clear that the speed restriction on Raynesway is necessary to protect the workforce and other road users and will be enforced rigorously in the future."

Police said that motorists who had been issued with a fine would receive a cancellation notice within the next two weeks.

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