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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 May, 2003, 12:02 GMT 13:02 UK
Farewell to the Baseball Ground
Baseball Ground in Derby
The last game has been played at Derby's Baseball Ground
Preparations are being made to sell off parts of Derby County's former home ground after the last match was played there at the weekend.

The Baseball Ground in Derby was the home of the Derby County team until it moved to its new location at Pride Park.

Memorabilia from the ground, including seats and turnstiles, and parts of the pitch are going up for sale.

Former player Kevin Hector said: "When you got 40,000 people in there, they created some noise."

"It is a superb place to play football - the games that stick in my mind are the European matches like those against Real Madrid, Juventus, Benfica.

'Cracking day'

"It is a sad feeling looking round thinking about the good old days when we used to fill the stadium."

Some fans who attended games in the 1940s came back to see the final game.

One of them said: "I don't think you can capture the atmosphere in the new stadium that you did here."

George Glover, who scored the final goal at the ground said: "Fantastic and it was a cracking day."

The Baseball Ground was built by local industrialist Sir Francis Leys in the 1880s in a bid to introduce baseball to the UK.

The first team played their final game at the ground in May 1997, losing 3-1 to Arsenal.

The stadium will be demolished later this year to make way for housing.



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