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Rescue Labrador in medal honour


Watch Bosnich receive the award

A Labrador-cross which helped lead rescuers to a 74-year-old man missing on the Cumbrian fells for two days has been honoured with a medal.

Mark Corrie, from Greenhill, Cumbria, became disorientated in bad weather after setting off to walk his daughter's dog Bosnich in 2006.

The dog's barking eventually alerted a search party to the pensioner who was sheltering in a gully on Cumrew Fell.

Bosnich received a PDSA medal for bravery and gallantry on Tuesday.

The award is seen by many as the George Cross for animals.

'Very special'

Almost 100 people took part in the search including police, mountain rescuers and a helicopter from RAF Boulmer using heat-seeking thermal imaging cameras.

Two local couples, Jim and Susan Burns and Fred and Sheila Brown, were guided to the south-side of Cumrew Fell after hearing Bosnich's persistent howling on 14 August 2006.

Mr Corrie, who was rescued on his 74th birthday, suffered dehydration and was taken off the fell on a stretcher.

Lorna Farish, Mr Corrie's daughter and the dog's owner, said: "We have always thought Bos is an amazing dog, but when he saved my father's life that day he proved to everyone just how very special he is.

"I'm so pleased he has been awarded the PDSA Gold Medal. He really is a dog in a million."

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