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Last Updated: Monday, 10 December 2007, 10:50 GMT
Public quizzed over nuclear waste
Low level nuclear waste includes protective clothing used on the site
People in west Cumbria are being asked for their views on the disposal of low level radioactive waste.

The Sellafield plant is seeking to reduce the amount sent to a purpose-built repository at Drigg.

Residents are invited to comment on proposals such as recycling and incineration, or put forward other solutions, at a special workshop.

Low level waste includes rubble, wood and paper as well as items such as protective clothing and tools.

Proven technology

Lawrence Cook, waste manager at Sellafield said: "Research has shown that rather than dispose of the material some of it can be recycled.

"Another option is thermal treatments. Incineration has been used successfully in Sweden and the USA to reduce the material form high to low volumes.

"At Sellafield we use high temperature processes for vitrifying high level waste and for disposing of solvents on the site so it is already proven technology.

"There would be no danger to the public because whatever we decide to implement has to be put through a regulatory process to make sure it is safe."

A workshop is being held at St Bees School on Monday, to allow the public to put forward ideas.

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