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Artist's 'cardboard tourists' ban
An artist has been banned from displaying his card-board cut-outs of people on National Trust land over claims they are "anti-tourist".

Alex Murdin claims the pieces highlight "contradiction in tourism" as tourists are encouraged to visit beauty spots but actually damage the environment.

He had hoped to display the life-size "people" in Grasmere.

But the National Trust said the work was "against the tourist." The pieces are currently on display in Keswick.

The work is part of the Cumbria-wide arts project and has been displayed in other parts of England.

Mr Murdin said: "For a lot of people they can't make it to the Lakes because they cannot afford it or they are too disabled to climb up hills.

"This is a way for them to enjoy the Lakes without visiting it. It encourages people to travel with their mind and not their feet."

Worthy of debate

He added: "The National Trust is great and I love visiting its property but the point of this is to provide the tourist experience without the carbon footprint."

A statement from the National Trust said: "We have always supported the art projects over the years.

"We were asked about putting his installation in Grasmere.

"As you know, tourism and access are indeed worthy of debate, but we felt that the National Trust hosting a piece of art that was basically against the tourist, was not something we wanted to host.

"We simply asked that the artist select a different venue for the installation."

An unusual piece of art in an unusual lakeside location

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