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Search for freight train drivers
A Cumbrian rail freight firm is beginning a recruitment campaign for its first drivers "off the street".

Currently Direct Rail Services only takes on qualified drivers.

But on Tuesday it launched a campaign for a least 12 people from different backgrounds to learn to drive trains from scratch.

DRS was set up in 1995 to run nuclear trains to and from Sellafield. It has since expanded to handle specialised and general freight for supermarkets.

The firm currently has a pool of about 100 drivers. It will take three years for drivers to fully qualify, with the first 10 months of training spent in intensive classroom and practical training.

Professional mindset

Dougie Hill, the senior operations manager at DRS, said: "This is a new venture for the company - we have been very successful with recruitment campaign.

"However, as we look to increase our team of drivers - we are offering people with no real experience the opportunity to join the company and provide them with the skills for a career.

"We want people from various backgrounds, with a flexible approach to work, a professional mindset, self motivated, enthusiastic and very safety conscience."

The firm is holding a two-day recruitment drive at Carlisle United's Brunton Park ground.

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