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Van vandalism sinks wedding plans
Van after being pulled out of the harbour (courtesy Whitehaven News)
The harbour had to be partly drained while the van was salvaged
A Cumbrian couple's wedding plans are all at sea after the prospective bride dumped her fiance's work van, and all his clothes, into a harbour.

Following a pub row, Emma Thomason, 24, of Whitehaven, loaded her boyfriend's van with his belongings, then rolled it off a ramp at the town's marina.

The argument started when Jason Wilson, 24, wanted to stay out with friends and Miss Thomason wanted to go home.

Mr Wilson said his employer had been "very good" about the 15,000 damage.

I haven't told her yet that the wedding is off, but I think she can put two and two together
Jason Wilson

The first he knew of the incident was when he was called by his boss Graham Wilson, 29, who is not related.

The 24-year-old plasterer told reporters: "People had seen the van bobbing around in the water. They called the police, who contacted my boss.

"He was furious, but has been very good about it. I'm very grateful. Emma isn't sorry one little bit. She insists that I am the one in the wrong and that it is all my fault.

"She put every single last item of clothing I had in the back of the van. All I was left with were the clothes I was wearing.

"I haven't told her yet that the wedding is off, but I think she can put two and two together."

Harbour drained

The couple, who have been together for seven years and have two children, had booked a 2,000 Caribbean honeymoon just 24 hours earlier.

Miss Thomason is now on police bail after being arrested on suspicion of aggravated vehicle taking without consent.

Police were called to the marina on Sunday night, but it took almost 20 hours to pull the van from the water in a difficult salvage operation, which involved partly draining the harbour.

Mr Wilson's boss admitted he was struggling to see the funny side.

He said: "I'll be asking Jason for an explanation but he's not to blame. She has her own car - why didn't she load his stuff into that and drive it into the marina?

"I just hope the insurance company is prepared to pay out."

The van is pulled out of the harbour

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