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Ceremony honours shot policeman
A memorial is being unveiled to a Cumbria police officer, who was killed while on duty more than 40 years ago.

Pc George William Russell was shot and fatally injured at Oxenholme railway station in February 1965.

He and other officers were involved in a stand-off at the station with a suspected car thief, who was also in possession of a stolen gun.

A plaque in his honour was being unveiled at a ceremony at the station on Thursday.

Brian Firth, a former colleague of Pc Russell, became aware that there was no suitable memorial in place and approached chief constable Michael Baxter.

'Dangerous individual'

Mr Baxter said: "We should never forget the dangers that police officers face in carrying out their duties.

"This memorial plaque will ensure that we never forget George Russell's brave actions, who, like others, gave his life whilst protecting the public."

Adrian Mason, secretary of Cumbria Police Federation, added: "George Russell died a true hero, all the officers involved in this incident knew they were looking for a very dangerous individual and put their lives on the line.

"It is only right that we dedicate this plaque in his memory at the place that he fell."

Pc Alex Archibald, who was also shot and seriously injured in the same incident, was invited to attend the ceremony.

The killer later shot himself in the head.

Pc Russell, who is buried in Carlisle, is one of 17 police officers from the current Cumbria Constabulary boundaries to die while on duty since 1835.


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