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Last Updated: Sunday, 8 October 2006, 13:28 GMT 14:28 UK
Council enters political jungle
"I'm a Councillor" logo
Councillors compete to win the votes of schoolchildren
Councillors in Cumbria are set to enter the political jungle, as they compete to win the votes of schoolchildren.

In "I'm a Councillor, Get me out of here" (IAC) five of them will be questioned on topics ranging from road safety to recycling.

Pupils choose the topics and vote to evict the councillor who has failed to impress. The winner is crowned IAC Youth Champion.

More than 20 secondary and primary schools in the county are taking part.

The event is aimed at helping young people learn more about their local council and councillors.

It takes place on a specially-created website, and begins on Monday as part of Local Democracy Week.

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