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Last Updated: Monday, 19 June 2006, 08:33 GMT 09:33 UK
Six killed in head-on car crash
Six people - five of them from the same extended family - died in a head-on crash between two cars in Cumbria.

A 19-year-old man and his partner, 21, their four-month-old baby and the man's two sisters, believed to be in their early teens, were all killed.

They were in a Ford Escort that was in a collision with a Toyota Prius just outside Penrith, on Sunday.

An elderly man in the Toyota also died in the crash. Police say he was from the Manchester area.

A woman, thought to be his wife, is in Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary.

'Horrendous accident'

The accident took place on the A6, an arterial road linking Penrith to Carlisle. It happened between Plumpton and Stoneybeck.

The occupants of the Escort come from the Penrith area.

Insp Sean Murphy, of Cumbria Police, said: "It was a horrendous accident.

"An investigation is under way to find out exactly what happened. Our prime concern is to notify the next-of-kin.

"Officers are currently tracking down various family members to inform them of what's happened."

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