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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 February 2006, 08:13 GMT
Entombed baby story is told on TV
Baby Lara funeral
Baby Lara was finally laid to rest in September 2005
The unsolved murder of a baby girl found encased in a concrete block in West Cumbria in 2002 is to feature in a BBC Crimewatch special on Tuesday.

"The Baby in the Concrete Block" tells the story of Lara, as she was named by officers investigating her death.

It uses reconstructions and police footage to show the moment Lara, aged between four and six months, was found.

The programme traces the forensic clues that led police to a couple, now dead, who they believe could be the parents.

Kate Orr, assistant producer on the BBC Crimewatch special, said: "It is such a fascinating story with so many twists and turns and unexpected events along the way.

Forensic techniques

"We had full access to the police investigation and the major forensic science expects involved.

"We also interviewed Phil and Anne Chadwick, who were arrested on suspicion of murder and later released without charge."

DNA tests revealed Lara could be the child of Mrs Chadwick's late parents, Sheila and Joseph Thwaites.

Ms Orr said: "We reconstructed the discovery of Lara's remains and we also have the original police footage shot around the garage in Barepot on the day she was found.

"We have shown the way forensic techniques contributed to ageing Lara's remains and how it worked alongside more old-fashioned detective work."

The Baby in the Concrete Block will be shown at 2235 GMT on Tuesday on BBC One.

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