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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 July, 2005, 10:12 GMT 11:12 UK
Lakes ospreys given health check
Lake District osprey chick
The osprey chicks have been ringed
The Lake District's newest rare birds have been ringed and given their first health check by wildlife experts.

Two chicks were born to a returning pair of ospreys which nested at Bassenthwaite Lake earlier this year.

Staff from the Lake District Osprey Project, which is co-ordinating the re-introduction of the birds to the area, has carried out the first checks.

In a delicate operation, climbers made their ascent to the nest that sits in a tree high above the lake.

The two climbers lowered the birds to the ground where experienced members of the Lake District Osprey Project took over.

The two siblings, probably a male and a female - were weighed, measured, photographed and then two rings were attached to their legs.

Clean bill

These will provide vital information on the future of the young birds.

Peter Barron, of the osprey project, said: "Ringing the birds gives us a huge amount of information when they are seen again, how old they are, where they stop on the way over to West Africa and if and when they come back to the Lake District we will know exactly who they are."

Both birds, which hatched at the end of May, were given a clean bill of health and returned safely to the nest.

The male bird has brought between five and six fish a day to the nest for the female and the chicks. He has now caught and delivered a grand total of about 330 fish since returning to the Lake District in April.

The next time the two ospreys leave the nest is when they will take their first flights, which experts hope will be later this month.

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