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Last Updated: Friday, 13 January 2006, 16:00 GMT
Dolphin watchers given warnings
Cans of lager are among the items which have been thrown at a dolphin delighting crowds of people in a Cumbrian town.

The bottlenose dolphin has been attracting attention since it appeared in Maryport harbour a few weeks ago.

Now posters are going up around the area to remind people they are a protected species and not to throw food or other items into the water.

They are also concerned someone could slip and fall into the water.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has teamed up with the RSPCA's maritime division to put posters up around the area urging people to think of the dolphin's welfare and warning them to take care.

Agency deputy station officer Elizabeth Dicken said items like pork pies, cans of lager and footballs had been thrown into the water.

Condition monitored

She said they were also concerned about the safety of people who might get too close to the edge.

She said: "We are saying go and observe it but don't throw anything in the water or at the dolphin.

"Just enjoy watching it and don't go over the barriers. It has been a good attraction for Maryport."

The condition of the dolphin is being monitored to check it is all right.

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