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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 May, 2005, 15:55 GMT 16:55 UK
Speeders' lesson to avoid points
Speeding drivers in Cumbria will get a chance to swap penalty points and fines for lessons in speed awareness.

A five-month campaign is launched in Workington and Whitehaven on 16 May to promote respect for speed limits and reduce the number of road casualties.

Certain drivers breaking the speed limit will be offered the chance to receive special speed awareness training rather than face prosecution.

Drivers clocked well above the speed limit will be prosecuted immediately.

The training will illustrate the danger of driving too fast and demonstrate that slowing down can save lives in the event of an accident.

Children at risk

The campaign, called Respect, will be launched at the West Lakes College, Workington, where students will see a fire service simulation of cutting a crash victim from a car as well as hard-hitting footage showing the dangers of speeding.

The campaign also employs other measures including speed commitment pledges to encourage drivers to stick to speed limits, particularly where children and vulnerable people are at risk.

In 2004, 10 people were killed and 120 were seriously injured on roads in Allerdale and Copeland.

Cumbria as a whole saw 57 people killed and 377 seriously injured on the roads last year.

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