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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 20:30 GMT
Nuclear industry recruiting dogs
One of the new recruits hoping to make it through training
Top-level security dogs are being put through their paces in an effort to become a part of the nuclear industry.

The Civil Nuclear Police use dogs at many of its sites, but the training facility at Sellafield needs more dogs to join up.

These could be pets that have outgrown the family home or become too much to handle, particularly Alsatians, Collies Labradors and Spaniels.

Those successful in training become police sniffer and operational canines.

One reason for the shortage is that many of the dogs put forward do not meet the standard required.

Insp Jim Weeden from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary said: "They have got a vitally important role - obviously security and policing of the sites is one of our primary roles.

"Because of the nature of the sites, the dogs do play an essential role in security."

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