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B&B owner's joy at wedding invite
Prince Charles and Hazel Relph
Prince Charles has stayed at Hazel Relph's Lake District B&B
A Cumbria guesthouse owner who got a surprise invitation to the wedding of Charles and Camilla, has described how the couple were "glowing" throughout.

Hazel Relph, 47, who runs the Yew Tree Farm and Guesthouse in the Lake District with her husband Joe, said it had been a "wonderful day".

The property, in Rosthwaite, is said to be the prince's favourite B&B.

The couple said they were dumbstruck when they received their invitation from the Prince.

Prince Charles has stayed at the Borrowdale valley guesthouse several times during visits to Cumbria.

'Perfect day'

Mrs Relph said: "I was speechless when our invitation arrived, and if you know me, you know that doesn't happen very often.

"The Prince visited Cumbria only a few days after we received the invitation and I thanked him very much and said it had been a wonderful surprise.

"I told him I had been speechless and he said 'I wish I had been there to witness that'."

The couple, who have run the B&B for 20 years, attended both the blessing and reception on Saturday.

Mrs Relph added: "It was a truly wonderful day. In fact, when we were driving home afterwards I remember saying how perfect it was.

"The weather was perfect, especially bearing in mind what it had been like a few days before. The sun just shone through all the windows, it was lovely."

Mrs Relph said the wedding "went like a dream" and it was obvious how happy Charles and Camilla were.



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