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Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 20:33 GMT
Lake clean up cash brings in jobs
Bassenthwaite Lake
1.9m has been awarded to clean up Bassenthwaite Lake
Lottery cash to clean up a lake in Cumbria will also lead to the creation of up to nine jobs.

The 1.9m Heritage Lottery Fund award will help return polluted Bassenthwaite Lake and surrounding area to its clear pre-war state.

It will also be used to protect the region's wildlife, including endangered vendace fish and world-famous ospreys.

Full and part-time workers for the project could be recruited from the local area within the next few months.

It is hoped the local community will also become involved in the restoration.

John Pinder, from the Bassenthwaite Lake Restoration Programme, said: "We are going to be looking for committed, enthusiastic workers who can galvanise communities into supporting us.

"There are some really exciting projects which depend on capturing the public's imagination and backing.

"A particularly inspirational element of our scheme - Bassenthwaite Reflections - is to set up modern forestry apprenticeships.

"As well as woodwork, many other aspects of landscape working will be covered, including stone walling and green wood crafts."

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