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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 April, 2005, 10:53 GMT 11:53 UK
New male moves in on female bird
Thousands of people have seen the ospreys on the internet
Feathers are set to fly in the Lake District home used by the Bassenthwaite Lake ospreys for the past four years.

A pair of ospreys set up home in Wythop Wood in 2001 - the first to nest in the Lake District for at least 150 years.

They have returned each spring and brought up five chicks, and the female arrived at the nest this week.

However, she found a new male had moved in, and with her partner set to arrive any day from a winter in Africa, all eyes are on the nest.

The nest has been the focus of global attention, with pictures beamed from a camera overlooking it sent around the world over the internet.

Tempting gifts

Millions of people have followed the birds and visitors who travel to see the ospreys contribute around 2m to the Cumbrian economy each year.

The new male bird was born in Scotland and in July 2001 he was released at Rutland Water in the Midlands as part of a project to translocate ospreys back to England.

Now he is trying his luck in the Lakes and has been showing off his fish-catching tricks and tempting the female with gifts of trout.

From 11 April, a public viewpoint will open at the Forestry Commission's Dodd Wood near Keswick between 1000 GMT and 1700 GMT daily.

Osprey couple finally settle down
31 Mar 04 |  Scotland


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