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Last Updated: Monday, 31 October 2005, 11:13 GMT
County gets fixed speed cameras
Cumbria Speed camera van
Camera vans will still be in operation in Cumbria
Speeding drivers in Cumbria face being trapped by the county's first fixed cameras which have been switched on.

Until now, a network of mobile cameras patrolled the county's roads.

But the Cumbria Safety Camera Partnership says it is installing four hi-tech fixed cameras at known accident back spots.

The first of the four cameras has been turned on Salthouse Road in Barrow. Others at Howgate, Ings and Millside will be working by December.

The digital cameras do not use film and transit details of offenders over a high-speed broadband telephone line to monitoring stations in Penrith.

Multiple offences

They are also are fitted with special anti-tamper devices that are linked to a police control system to prevent vandalism.

The cameras had due to be in service earlier this year, but technical problems held up their introduction.

Cumbria Safety Camera spokesman Kevin Tea said: "During tests we noted that there were multiple offences being committed by a handful of drivers who knew the cameras were not fully functional.

"Those individuals had better be warned that they now face losing their driving licences within a week if they continue with this behaviour."

Mobile camera vans will still be used throughout the county.

In July a survey of attitudes to speed cameras in Cumbria suggested most people support their use.

Researchers who interviewed 400 people in the county found seven out of 10 thought the cameras were meant to encourage drivers to keep to limits, were not there to punish them and disagreed there were too many cameras in Cumbria.

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