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Bragg opens namesake drama suite
Lord Bragg
Lord Bragg was performing the opening ceremony
Writer and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg was returning to his Cumbrian roots to visit a drama studio named after him.

The studio is at Millom School, which has been designated an arts college and celebrates its centenary this year.

Lord Bragg was attending the official opening ceremony at the school on Monday afternoon.

He said he was very pleased to have the studio named after him, and the facility would be a great opportunity for the young people of Millom.

Lord Bragg added: "Often places on the extremities, which feel they are cut off, make extra efforts and get extra rewards for that.

'Bright people'

"I've no doubt that once this drama studio gets going it will get results, and pupils can go from there, if they wish, to drama schools in the south or north of England.

"What I've found is that if you give people the opportunity in our part of the world they take it.

"They are a very bright lot of people and mostly what they lack is opportunity, but not this time."

He added that he was always pleased to have the chance to return to Cumbria, which was the best part of the county.

"It's a bit like gravity, and I am the apple. Anytime I can drop off the perch and fall back to earth I go back there."

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