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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 March, 2005, 07:53 GMT
Lake ospreys given 'super nest'
Osprey super nest
A timber frame holds the new nest together
Visiting rare birds have been given a "super nest" after storms destroyed their previous Lake District home.

January storms wrecked nests used by ospreys, which have visited Bassenthwaite Lake since 2001.

A pair of the endangered birds bred in the Lake District for the first time in about 150 years.

Now wildlife experts have rebuilt the nest - about the size of a double bed - in readiness for the birds' expected arrival back in Cumbria.

Gale force winds blew the ospreys' nest from the top of a tree in Wythop Wood, near Keswick, during the recent storms.

Ospreys use the same nest each year, and with the birds due to arrive back in the area next month, the Lake District Osprey Project team was faced with the possibility that the birds would have nowhere to nest on their return to Cumbria.

Timber platform

The nest has been the focus of global attention, with pictures beamed from a camera overlooking the nest sent around the world over the internet.

Millions of people have followed the birds and watched as five young ospreys have been successfully reared in the nest over the past four years.

A team from the project constructed a new nest in the ospreys' chosen tree and are hoping the birds will never know that anything has changed.

The new nest has been constructed with a secure timber platform as a base and a cocoon of weld-mesh to give added strength.

A spokesman for the project said: "The return of ospreys to the Lake District is one of the greatest conservation good news stories of recent years, and the birds are bringing important economic benefits to the region."

Visitors who travel to see the ospreys contribute around 2m to the Cumbrian economy each year.

Osprey couple finally settle down
31 Mar 04 |  Scotland


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