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Last Updated: Friday, 28 January 2005, 15:54 GMT
Diver tells of gruesome discovery
Coniston water
Mrs Park's body was found in Coniston Water
An amateur diver has described how he made the gruesome discovery of Carol Park's remains in the depths of Coniston Water in the Lake District.

David Mason said he was with friends when he came across the underwater bundle, which later turned out to be the trussed-up body of Mrs Park.

Mrs Park had gone missing in 1976 and it was not until Mr Mason and friends made the discovery 21 years later that her fate was known.

On Friday, her husband Gordon was found guilty of her murder - nearly 30 years after she first went missing.

We saw that it was a body that we had found
David Mason

Mr Mason said of the body find: "We came across a package. We tried to lift it manually by hand and it was too heavy.

"So we went back on the Wednesday with a lifting bag and lifted it to the surface and dragged it ashore.

"I got my knife and I cut the blue rope which was round the centre of it.

"There was a lead weight which dropped off on to the floor and I thought that it was probably not an inflatable boat. I thought that it was something somebody had tried to hide.

"So we carried on and cut the outer canvas bag open and then there was a plastic inner bag.

"We cut that one open and then we saw that it was a body that we had found."



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