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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 August 2005, 12:00 GMT 13:00 UK
Inquiry after men 'contaminated'
Sellafield will be decommissioned over the next 10 years
An investigation is under way after two contamination incidents at Cumbria's Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant.

In the first, two men working at the site's magnox reprocessing complex were found to have picked up contamination to their hands.

A spokesman for British Nuclear Group, which operates the site, said the men were treated and were not in danger.

Another incident involving contamination of a floor area at the complex is also being investigated.

The British Nuclear Group spokesman said: "Two plant operators received some localised hand contamination following work in the charge-machine area of the magnox reprocessing plant.

Barriered off

"The contamination was picked up during routine monitoring and the operators were successfully decontaminated. The work area was then also monitored to locate the source of the contamination.

"Work was suspended and the affected area barriered off, until decontamination operations were complete.

"In a second event within the plant, surveys identified contamination on the floor area where a PVC tent had been removed.

"Some contamination was also found on the shoes and coveralls of two of the plant operators involved in the job. There was no spread of activity away from the immediate area."

The spokesman said neither was considered a major incident.

Earlier this month it emerged two senior staff were disciplined after a major leak of nuclear material at the Sellafield complex.

Sellafield told to clean up act
06 Jun 05 |  Cumbria

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