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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 December, 2004, 11:53 GMT
'Double' cameras to trap speeders
Cumbria Speed camera van
Two vans with speed cameras could lie in wait for drivers
Drivers who slow down for cameras then speed up again could soon be caught out if plans for "double" traps go ahead.

More than 50 people die on Cumbria's roads every year and police are determined to cut the toll by getting tough on speeding motorists.

They plan to site two marked mobile camera vans on the same stretch of road, a short distance apart.

Officials have confirmed that if clocked twice, even seconds apart, drivers will get double penalty points.

Steve Callaghan, of the Cumbria Safety Camera Partnership, said the scheme was not designed to "set traps".

'Not nasty'

He said: "What we really want to do is increase the deterrent effect and make sure if people see a camera they actually adjust their behaviour throughout their journey and not just at accident hotspots.

"At this stage the plan is a proposal and we are not sure at what distance we would put vans apart whether it would be by a few seconds or a few minutes.

"We are not trying to be nasty, we just want to reduce the number accidents make drivers have consideration for each other."

But the move could prove controversial with motorists complaining that being caught twice on the same stretch of road on the same day should not be treated as two separate offences.

Mr Callaghan said speed cameras had been effective up to a point, but drivers were getting wise to the fact they could slow down when they spotted one and drive too fast again once clear.

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