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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 19:33 GMT
Man dumped 'heavy bundle' in lake
A couple have told a murder trial how they watched as a man dropped a large object into Coniston Water 28 years ago.

Retired teacher Gordon Park, 60, from Barrow, denies killing his wife, Carol, 30, before dumping her in the lake.

Manchester Crown Court heard that Joan and John Young saw a man dropping a "package" into the lake from a boat.

They even joked to each other about whether the distant figure could be disposing of a body.

Mrs Young, 48, said she and her then boyfriend were on a six-day trip to the Lake District from their Glasgow home when they saw the incident.

They parked up on the east shore of Coniston and saw a slim man, wearing glasses and a dark wet suit.

"He lifted something on to the side of the boat, a big bundle. It seemed to be something heavy.

"He just toppled the package over the side of the boat. It seemed to sink.

Vivid picture

"We did discuss, 'I wonder if that's a body', it was done in a joking fashion, obviously, there was something just strange about the whole situation."

The couple only contacted the police earlier this year after Park was arrested for a second time. The first time, in 1997, after the body was found, the matter was dropped before it got to court.

Under cross examination by Andrew Edis QC, defending, Mrs Young said despite the incident being in July 1976, she "kept a vivid picture" of it in her mind.

Mr Park is alleged to have bludgeoned his unfaithful wife to death, packaged her body in bags weighed with stones, and dropped it into the lake.

He told police he took their three children on a day trip to Blackpool on July 17, 1976, and when he got back to the family home in Leece, a village near Barrow, she had vanished.

The trial continues.

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