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Last Updated: Friday, 15 October, 2004, 10:15 GMT 11:15 UK
Spotlight on city's Roman finds
The importance of thousands of Roman items uncovered during a three-year excavation in Carlisle is being discussed at a major conference.

More than 100,000 individual finds were taken from a site within the Roman fort of Luguvalium, on Castle Green, near Carlisle Castle.

These included coins, armour, timber buildings and leather objects.

More than 130 experts in Roman history are in Carlisle on Friday for a three-day conference to discuss the finds.

Food storage

The excavation was completed in 2001, during which time several areas within the fort's interior were exposed, revealing the remains of a large number of well-preserved military buildings, streets and other features.

The waterlogged conditions resulted in the exceptional preservation of early Roman timber buildings and objects made of leather, wood and textile, which do not normally survive.

Carlisle City Council leader Mike Mitchelson said: "Carlisle has always had an important Roman and medieval history but at this conference experts and enthusiasts will hear just how momentous Carlisle was as a Roman town."

"We have 130 people travelling to Carlisle to learn more about its role as a Northern frontier town. They will also get a clearer impression of how the Roman army coped with living in the Roman fort from its construction materials to everyday things such as food storage and cooking for hundreds of soldiers."

Mr Mitchelson said there were plans to develop an exhibition at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery and a booklet summarising the results of the excavation will be on sale soon.

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