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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 April, 2004, 09:53 GMT 10:53 UK
Campaign to target road speeders
40mph sign
The campaign will run for a month
Police are targeting speeding truckers on a stretch of road in Cumbria.

Officers say some drivers are travelling at almost twice the legal speed limit along Park Road in Barrow.

Special monitoring unites have been set up in an effort to deter truckers and other motorists from speeding in the area.

Police have promised to work closely with Cumbria Safety Cameras to keep an eye on the road during a month-long campaign.

Inspector Nick Coughlin said it was an "unacceptable" situation and said there was potential for a serious accident.

'Stop speeding'

He said among the factors were drivers coming off the stretch of road with a 60mph limit on to the 40mph limit of Park Road.

The police set up a traffic data unit next to the road to measure the speed and type of vehicles.

It found the worst time was in the early hours of the morning with other problem period at lunchtimes and in the evening.

Mr Coughlin said the main message was to prevent drivers speeding.

He said: "We will be having a blitz.

"But it is not about enforcement. The whole purpose is to stop people speeding. We would rather not catch people, we would rather not have accidents."

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