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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 February, 2004, 17:43 GMT
Camera scheme to tackle violence
police car
The cameras will be put in all the force's vehicles
Police officers in County Durham will be equipped with cameras as part of the drive to tackle domestic violence.

The cameras will be put into all 100 of Durham Police's cars and vans and have been bought with 20,000 of Home Office funding.

It will mean the first officers who arrive at a scene will photograph any available evidence such as personal injury or damage to a premises.

Last year, there were 9,000 domestic violence incidents in the force area.

Senior detectives hope any pictures will help capture a potentially vital record of what happened in the so-called 'golden hour' after a crime.

Valuable role

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Malkin said: "The first hour after an incident is often crucial in terms of preserving evidence.

"These cameras will always be on hand in every police vehicle throughout the force area and are simple to use.

"While our crime scene investigators have more specialist equipment and would be expected to provide photographic evidence at court, there may on occasions be a delay before they arrive.

"In future the first officer to get there can take pictures of what he or she sees."

Durham Police's strategic co-ordinator on the issue, Rachel Green, said the cameras would play a valuable role in obtaining visual evidence.

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