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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 February, 2004, 13:13 GMT
Manslaughter charges over outbreak
Forum 28 in Barrow
The outbreak was traced to the Forum 28 complex
A senior council official has been charged with seven counts of manslaughter over the outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease in Cumbria, which claimed seven lives.

Gillian Beckingham, design services manager with Barrow Borough Council, has been bailed to appear before magistrates on 24 February.

Cumbria Police also served summonses on the authority, citing the same seven counts of manslaughter.

Ms Beckingham, 45, and the authority are also accused of breaching of the Health And Safety At Work Act.

Seven people died and 170 fell victim to the illness, which was caused by the air conditioning unit at the council-run Forum 28 arts complex in 2002.

The outbreak was traced to a 30-year-old air conditioning plant at Barrow's Forum 28 arts complex.

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