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Last Updated: Friday, 22 August, 2003, 09:11 GMT 10:11 UK
Successful year for Windscale removal
The Windscale reactors are sited on the Sellafield

The body responsible for overseeing the dismantling of the former Windscale power station says it has had one of its most successful years.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) is hoping the speedy progress will continue when the new Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is set up at Westlakes.

The authority's annual review says its main work in Cumbria has been to decommission the former Windscale plant in the west of the county.

It says it has removed the neutron shield and graphite core from the plant "well ahead of schedule".

The review also boasts of its successful venture into fusion research.

Windscale fire

When the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is established in two years' time, the authority says it will face further scrutiny of what it does.

Windscale is situated on the Sellafield site, Cumbria, although it has its own site license.

The site includes Windscale Piles I and II, and the Windscale Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor(AGR). The Windscale site occupies 35 acres.

Both Windscale Piles were shut down in 1957 following the Windscale fire and Pile I is now being decommissioned.

The Windscale AGR was shut down in 1981 and is now the UK's demonstration project for complete decommissioning of a power-generating reactor.

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