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Warwickshire protest meeting over high speed rail link

A house in Burton Green, Warwickshire,  that may be demolished for the high speed rail line
Chris Langton's home may have to be demolished for the rail line

People unhappy at plans to build a high speed rail link through Warwickshire have been staging a protest meeting.

The proposed London to Birmingham route would cut through homes in Burton Green, where a meeting was being held on Tuesday night.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has said the line is important for linking the region with other parts of the UK.

Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have said they are supportive of the £17bn scheme.

'Congested lines'

Chris Langton said she had just built an extension to her home, which would be in the middle of the train line if it was moved 10m (32ft) from its proposed route.

She said an adjustment of 75m (246) would mean the whole house would have to be demolished.

Diana Levett, of Burton Green, said she had lived in the village her whole life and would miss her garden most if the line was built.

"I am already considering silly decisions like should I put any more plants in the garden," she added.

The plans are still open to public consultation.

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