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Nurse loses job over crime error
Kerry Woolley
Kerry Woolley was looking forward to a new start as a nurse
An assistant nurse lost the job she had been offered after her records were mixed up with those of a violent thief.

Kerry Woolley learned she could not work for University Hospital Birmingham four days before the Criminal Records Bureau accepted it had made a mistake.

The 23-year-old mother is hoping the hospital will renew its job offer.

The hospital's trust said it had been asked to be vigilant regarding criminal checks, adding concerns had been raised by the case being made public.

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) acknowledged it had made a mistake.

She's clearly not the person who was on that criminal record
Simon Roden, Kerry Woolley's partner

Ms Woolley, who learned of the trust's decision in August, said the situation had been disappointing and stressful.

"I had my first son when I was quite young, 16, so it's been a bit hard and meant growing up quickly," she said.

"Then I finally got to do something else, something which I wanted to do and can do and then something like this happens to me."

Her partner, Simon Roden, added: "I was hoping now that the truth has come out somehow the hospital can reverse their decision and give Kerry her job back because she's clearly not the person who was on that criminal record."

'Particularly vigilant'

University Hospital Birmingham withdrew its offer to Ms Woolley for the safety of patients, before the mistake was accepted.

A spokeswoman for University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust said all NHS trusts had recently been required to review their vetting and recruitment processes.

"We have been asked to be particularly vigilant with regard to the Criminal Records Bureau process, ensuring that patient safety is paramount," she said.

"Unfortunately, as part of our pre-employment check the CRB was not initially able to validate Ms Woolley's submission and, in line with our policy, the offer of employment was withdrawn.

"Since the matter has been made public, concerns have been expressed by our patients regarding their confidentiality and safety."


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