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Warwick wins University Challenge
Left to right: Prakash Patel, Daisy Chrisodoulou, Harold Wyber and Rory Gill
The four had come top in a test at the university
The University of Warwick has won BBC TV's University Challenge for the first time ever.

It beat the reigning champions, the University of Manchester, by 30 points in the final which was screened on Monday evening.

Daisy Chrisodoulou captained the side which also involved Harold Wyber, Prakash Patel and Rory Gill.

Mr Wyber said: "We were on five times so we had our two-and-a-half hours of fame... It's only now sinking in."

By the final we'd become a bit more used to being under the spotlight
Harold Wyber

A total of 28 universities compete in the televised stages of the competition.

A trophy is now due to go to the university in a few weeks.

Mr Wyber said Warwick felt "outnumbered" as October's final was recorded in Manchester.

He said: "There was a massive roar from the audience when they (Manchester) got a question right."

He added: "When you see the teams in semi-finals and finals in previous years, you think they're on another level. It's been great to get on ourselves.

"By the final we'd become a bit more used to being under the spotlight under pressure."

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