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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 March 2007, 14:29 GMT 15:29 UK
Green racing car has potato tyres
Ben Wood and racing car
Ben Wood is studying for his Engineering Doctorate at WMG
Researchers at a university built an environmentally-friendly racing car with tyres made from potatoes and brake pads from cashew nut shells.

Eco One is the idea of WMG, a provider of innovative solutions to industry based at the University of Warwick.

The car was designed originally with a top speed of 125mph (201km/h).

It will be at the Sexy Green Car Show alongside green offerings from major names in the motor industry at the Eden Project in Cornwall from Friday.

'Recyclable materials'

The car also runs entirely on bio-fuels and bio-lubricants.

Project manager Ben Wood said he has tweaked the original engine and claims he can achieve up to 150mph (241km/h) given a long straight and a tailwind.

He said: "Almost everything on the car can be made out of biodegradable or recyclable materials.

"All the plastic components can be made from plants and, although the chassis has to be made from steel for strength, steel is a very recyclable material.

"We already have the shell, brake pads, fuel and tyres sorted.

"My aim is to end up with a race car that's 95 per cent biodegradable or recyclable.

"If we can build a high-performance car that can virtually be grown from seed, just imagine what's possible for the average family car."

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