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Last Updated: Monday, 12 February 2007, 10:37 GMT
Town tests wi-fi net connection
Cranes are to install rooftop transmitters in a Warwickshire town as part of a wireless internet trial.

Residents in the Easter area of Warwick will be able to access the system being tested by internet service provider Pipex and the district council.

Wireless technology uses short-range radio signals to connect computers to each other or the internet.

A council spokesman welcomed the six-month trial and said it wants to make the area technologically advanced.

The transmitters are being installed in Christine Ledger Square in Leamington, Westgate House in Warwick and the National Grid wireless headquarters at the Warwick technology park.

Wi-fi connections in cafes and bars are becoming increasingly popular with more than 2,500 hotspots in public places around the UK.

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