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Killer on licence sent to jail
Daniel Kernaghan
The judge said Daniel Kernaghan came across as a "calm man"
A man has been jailed for killing his partner, whom he knifed up to 28 times after being released from prison.

Daniel Kernaghan, 68, had been freed on licence after an earlier assault when he murdered Carol Hanford in Earlsdon, Coventry, in March.

Birmingham Crown Court also heard he had been convicted of another woman's murder in 1993.

Judge John Saunders recommended he serve at least 18 years, describing him as "extremely dangerous".

Judge Saunders said: "[This is] more so because you come across as a polite, calm, elderly man.

"No-one would have any idea you are capable of such violence."

Case reviewed

He should not be considered for parole while still capable of physical violence, he added.

It also emerged a warrant had been issued for his arrest after he failed to return to his approved lodgings shortly before Ms Hanford's killing.

A spokesman for the probation service said: "We can confirm Daniel Kernaghan was subject to licence supervision by West Midlands Probation Area when he was released from prison on October 6 2003, following a conviction for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

"Mr Kernaghan was instructed to reside in probation approved premises when he was released from prison.

"When he failed to report to the approved premises, prompt action was taken to issue a recall notice, and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

"An internal review of the case has been undertaken by the West Midlands Probation Area.

Carol Hanford's family speak about their loss

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