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Last Updated: Saturday, 4 November 2006, 12:54 GMT
Drivers cannot leave roundabout
No Left Turn sign
The signs tell drivers they cannot leave the roundabout
A council is to remove new road signs that tell drivers they cannot leave a roundabout in Coventry.

New traffic lights on the roundabout on the A444 have No Left Turn signs to stop drivers exiting onto entry roads.

But the same signs were also put up at the correct exits meaning that once drivers were on the roundabout they could only leave by breaking the law.

Coventry City Council said it was covering the signs in the short-term before their permanent removal.

A council spokesman said the signs had been installed together with traffic lights as part of a road safety scheme that is not yet complete.

"The current advice on the installation of traffic signals at roundabouts does suggest that where the entry and exits are separate that No Left Turn signs are installed to advise drivers not to drive down the entry arm of the roundabout, however the advice is not always relevant.

"In response to the concerns that have been raised, the city council is proposing to cover the signs in the short term and eventually remove them."

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