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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 April 2006, 20:02 GMT 21:02 UK
Peugeot unions happy with meeting
Aerial shot of the Peugeot Ryton plant
The Amicus union believes Peugeot had long-term plans to leave Ryton
Union leaders who travelled to London to meet the Chancellor Gordon Brown over the future of the Peugeot plant at Ryton said the meeting was "helpful".

Des Quinn, of the Transport and General Workers' Union, said Mr Brown would be talking to Peugeot bosses in France.

As many as 2,300 jobs are to go at the Warwickshire car plant near Coventry when it closes in July 2007.

Mr Brown is believed to have said he would hold discussions over whether an alternative solution could be found.

Alternative solution

Asking the Peugeot bosses to reverse their decision over Ryton was only part of the unions' plan, Mr Quinn said.

The unions are working on an alternative solution which could see some form of production remain at the plant.

"We have accepted there will be some job losses with this new plan," said Mr Quinn.

"At the moment it is not something which is definitely viable but it is something we are working on.

"In terms of support from the government, this meeting was definitely positive. The problem is with the French bosses."

Peugeot has said Ryton was the most expensive of its plants to run, with most components imported from France.

Representatives from the Amicus union were also present at the private briefing which was held in Westminster.

The T&G union has issued a calling notice saying workers were due to protest at a Peugeot dealership in Holbrook Lane, Coventry at noon on Friday.

They will also be at the May Day rally near Moor Street Station in Birmingham.

Delegates at a T and G manufacturing conference in Eastbourne have given their support to the Ryton workers and pledged to support a worker's campaign for an alternative plan for the future.

Watch to find out how the meeting went

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