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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 13:42 GMT 14:42 UK
'We've been stabbed in the back'
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor says the closure news caused "utter disbelief"
French car firm Peugeot-Citroen has announced 2,300 jobs will go with the closure of its Ryton plant near Coventry.

Paul Taylor, 46, who has worked at the factory for seven years, tells BBC News what it means to him and his colleagues.

Shock was the initial reaction from all the lads in my area even though there has been rumours going round for so long.

We knew Mr Folz was coming to the plant. But for him to put the final nail in the coffin as he did caused utter disbelief.

We believe we produce a good car here - we make profit for the company.

We don't deserve this, we deserve better
It is hard to understand why they have done it - 2,500 people - it is going to have a massive impact on the area.

If it goes it has gone forever and future generations will miss out.

The things we have done for them, we have bent over backwards with our shift patterns.

We have been stabbed in the back. We don't deserve this, we deserve better.

Struggling families

I would like to think there is a future here but at the moment it is hard to see one.

They seem to have made their mind up.

Now we have got 2,500 people looking at the same job.

It would be nice to hear something positive

For those people with young families with mortgages it is going to be a struggle.

There is going to be a fight to keep it open, to try and get some government support.

It is easier for them to close this plant than a plant in France. They can get away with it here.

It is hard to see a future in this industry - manufacturing is dying.

If they can produce things in eastern Europe so cheaply it is not just our jobs we are looking at.

It is time the government did something about it.

It would be nice to hear something positive.

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