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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 December 2005, 01:42 GMT
Spitfire book at records office
Documents connected to North Warwickshire and World War II have been handed over to the County Record Office for safe-keeping.

They were recently discovered in council offices in Atherstone, and will go on display in Warwick.

It includes a log book for a World War II Spitfire. Atherstone people had raised money to help buy the plane.

The book records how the aircraft was used for photographic missions in 1945 across Germany, Holland and Denmark.

There is also a commemorative booklet from Thanksgiving Week 1945, which includes tributes from the Royal Family, Prime Minister Clement Attlee and Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein.

A third document is a hand-written record of "civilian deaths due to war operations" during 1941 when 20 people in the Dordon and Grendon areas were killed during bombing raids.

'Preserved safely'

A Savings Committee in each area was part of the Wings for Victory National Savings Campaign, which aimed to raise funds for the war effort.

Atherstone's target was 100,000, but the committee raised 146,973, the equivalent of 29 Spitfires in 1943.

Rob Eyre, archivist at the record office said: "These documents provide a small insight into the experiences of a Warwickshire community during World War Two.

"By depositing the books at the record office North Warwickshire Borough Council have ensured that these fascinating documents can be preserved safely for future generations."

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