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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 January, 2005, 11:25 GMT
Comedian walks out after threat
Angry customers are getting refunds from Leamington's Royal Spa Centre after comedian Jim Davidson walked off stage at the start of his act.

The walkout happened on Friday night after he was threatened by a man who appeared drunk, near the stage.

During a phone-in to BBC WM, callers complained the audience was left without any explanation, and no action was taken against the drunk man.

They added the disturbance caused a near riot at the centre.

Full refund

One man said: "There was no announcement - nothing.

"People started going down to the foyer and the poor doormen were getting it left, right and centre from everyone."

Another man added: "If they were bouncers (doormen) then God help them because if it had kicked off, there would have been mayhem."

Mr Davidson's agent could not be contacted on Saturday.

Warwick District Council, which part funds the centre, said an inquiry was under way and full refunds would be given to the audience.

Davidson helps officer's widow
02 Jan 04 |  Hampshire/Dorset

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