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Last Updated: Friday, 31 December, 2004, 14:03 GMT
Single cornflake sold on internet
A Coventry University student has made the sale of the century on the internet - he got 1.20p for a single cornflake.

Bill Bennett, 19, launched his sale on eBay as an experiment.

"There were no takers at first," he said, "but then someone offered 1p and it grew from there. After a couple of days I agreed to sell it for 1.20."

He said the sale came just in time, as eBay had told him to withdraw the cornflake because he had no "Best Before" date on it.

"But it's sold now," he told BBC WM.

"I had some interesting inquiries about it," he said.

"Someone asked if it would mate safely with a Sugar Puff and another asked if it would be sociable if it was dropped in a fish tank."

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21 Oct 04 |  Business

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