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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 April, 2004, 05:33 GMT 06:33 UK
City holds first citizen ceremony
Coventry has held its first citizenship ceremony on Wednesday.

Eleven people who have settled in the city from overseas took an oath of allegiance to the Queen and officially become British citizens.

The country's first ever citizenship ceremony was held in London in February and was attended by Prince Charles.

Those taking part will sign the city's Register of Citizenship and will be presented with a certificate of naturalisation by the Lord Mayor.

Previously, they had to pledge their loyalty in front of a solicitor before receiving a certificate through the post.

But now they have to go through a special ceremony that was introduced by the government to add more significance to the process in the hope that immigrants will integrate better into their local communities.

Eleven people who are originally from South Africa, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Romania and Somalia, took part in the ceremony.

Town's first 'citizen' ceremony
14 Apr 04  |  Shropshire


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