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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 April, 2004, 13:01 GMT 14:01 UK
Protest over post office closures
Residents in a north Warwickshire village are protesting over plans to close their post office.

The branch in Water Orton will disappear in July when the supermarket Tesco takes over the local One Stop Convenience store.

Around 200 protestors gathered in the village on Saturday and have threatened to boycott the new shop.

Tesco plans to turn a number of convenience stores into Tesco Express.

Poor usage

The Post Office Limited has also recently announced 14 branches in Coventry and Rugby are to shut.

Poor usage and under-investment has been blamed.

The 14 closures include Stoke Green in Binley Road, Far Gosford Street, King Edward Road in Coventry and in Rugby, the Paddox in Hillmorton Road, Wood Street and Buchanan Road branch in Bilton Road.

Consultations will take place over the next six weeks.

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