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Last Updated: Friday, 17 October, 2003, 12:00 GMT 13:00 UK
Jumbo flood warning issued
Residents of Royal Leamington Spa are being given a jumbo-sized reminder about the dangers of flooding.

People dressed as elephants wearing Wellington boots are in the Warwickshire town on Friday to help launch the Environment Agency's 2003 Midlands Flood Awareness Campaign.

The message to locals, and to people across the region, is to "never forget" the risks of flooding, and the need to be prepared against it.

Leamington - once the home of three famous Victorian circus elephants - has been chosen as the location for Friday's event because millions of pounds of damage were caused there during the floods of Easter 1998.

Memory symbol

The agency's Floodline exhibition trailer is in the town between 1000 BST and 1600 BST.

Its staff are on hand to provide the latest advice on the measures people can take to protect themselves from flooding.

Winter weather is approaching and people across the Midlands need to act now
John Fitzsimons
Environment Agency

Since the floods of five years ago, when about eight weeks of average rainfall fell within 36 hours, the Environment Agency says that Leamington's awareness of the risks of flooding has set an example to many other less well-prepared communities.

John Fitzsimons, a flood defence manager, said, "Elephants are a symbol of good memory and that's what we all need to have.

"Communities change and, over time, the danger can be forgotten. If we live in a flood risk community, we must never forget to prepare.

"Winter weather is approaching and people across the Midlands need to act now."

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