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Last Updated: Friday, 19 September, 2003, 07:56 GMT 08:56 UK
Tenants unite to save tower blocks
Hillfields estate
Residents are confident the flats can be saved
A group of tenants living on an estate in Coventry are trying to save their homes from demolition by forming their own company to take them over.

The Whitefriars Housing Association want to demolish eight blocks of flats on Hillfields high-rise estate.

Residents living on the estate have formed an action group to save the 800 flats.

But the housing association said it was more cost effective to knock down the blocks rather than revamp them.

All suggestions

Alison Hadden, from Whitefriars Housing Association, said there was not a lot of hope for the flats.

"As a housing association with our experience if we can't make those blocks pay then I would find it strange that another company could," she said.

Ms Hadden said all suggestions to save the site would be considered but maintained most of the residents would be glad to see the back of them.

The residents who have formed the group said they were confident the flats could become more viable if managed by people who care about Hillfields.

The BBC's Joan Cummins reports
"The fate of demolished towerblocks in Sandwell is not a destiny that residents in the Hillfields estate want ."


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