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Elderly dog found tied to track

Carolynne Salt and Flossy
Flossy's owner Carolynne Salt said they are glad to have her home

A frail, deaf and blind 18-year-old dog is recovering at home after being tied to a rail track in Cornwall.

The poodle, named Flossy, survived because she had been tied to a line which was not being used at the time.

She was found shivering and whimpering by a station guard at St Erth Station near Hayle.

Flossy's owner, Carolynne Salt, 56, said she believed the dog was stolen while she was out visiting her dying mother in a hospice.

The poor thing was shaking and tied so tight it could hardly move - whoever did this is just sick.
Station guard who found Flossy

Mrs Salt said:"I was rushing to see my mother after getting a call in the middle of the night.

"When I was dashing out the catch didn't go down on the back gate.

"My son got up about 0530 GMT and let Flossy and the two Yorkshire terriers out into the garden.

"When he called them back in a few minutes later Flossy was gone.

"To my mind somebody must have taken her and I have my suspicions.

The train guard, who did not want to be identified, said the dog was soaking wet and shaking when he rescued her.

"It was still dark and at first I thought it was a big rat," he said.

'Appalling cruelty'

"The poor thing was shaking and tied so tight it could hardly move - whoever did this is just sick.

"It would definitely have been killed but luckily it was left on platform three and the first train in arrives on number two.

"I untied it and put it in the office but it walked straight into the door and it was then I realised that it must be blind."

A spokesman for First Great Western told BBC News it was an act of appalling cruelty and the guard had reacted instinctively and done his job.

Flossie, who has cataracts in both eyes, is back at her home in Leedstown recovering from her ordeal.

"She is such a dear little thing that wants to curl up and go to sleep - we are just glad to have her back home," Mrs Salt said.

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